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About Us

Optis Strategies is a strategic construction management and communications firm focusing on successful project delivery through cost control, branding, and maintaining trust with our clients by providing exceptional experiences.


Optis Strategies is focusing on one of the largest projects in the Western Hemisphere for a first-in-class chip manufacturing company.

The project which totals over $50B has over 17 General Contractors, 480+ Subcontractors, and a labor force consisting of over 16,000 men & women spanning across 1,100 acres. The site is to be the home of approximately 2 Million square feet of cleanroom space and is scheduled to be the Greenest Fab across the globe.

We Believe

Culture is paramount. Working as a team and maintaining a positive environment enables not only our clients, but our team to succeed no matter the challenge.

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Located in

Phoenix, Arizona

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